Website Performance Optimization Tricks You Never Know About

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I would seldom like to speak about website optimization and until the recent change of Google algorithm on mobile website ranking. There are many website our there and close to 90% of the people do not perform any optimization. Now, think about this. If you have a website but no one is going to know about your business, you won’t get any sales. All those money you spend on your domain, products, hosting…etc. Will be going down the drain.

Many years ago, people can still throw out a dozen of website just to get some clicks and make some easy money. Not now. Period. Things changed. You got a battle to fight when coming to online marketing. There are more to website performance optimization than you  could possibly imagine. Website owner need to be aware or at least know what their competitors are doing. Not one is going to inform you or write you a letter to say “Sorry, you’re out of the game”.

Website gave the wrong idea that visitors will happen to see me. I am online 24 hours. Wrong! Never will your website be seen. Why? There are thousands of new sites out there. They are ranking for keywords, so-called buyer keywords which you’re not. If anyone could just sit back and relax by having a website, your site would be very close to the supper you ate last night. (Digested by now!)

I happened to see this guy blog  who wrote about 18 Tips for Website Performance Optimization. Mind you, you can never finish reading in one seating. The key points are all well mentioned. Of course, as a website owner, you shouldn’t need to worry to much. There are 1000+ things you need to take care when running a business.

They always say if you’re not good as something, outsource it to the experts.

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