Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are your Virtual Assistants from?
Ans: They are mainly from Philippines.

2. How much do I need to pay every month for each Virtual Assistant?
Ans: Monthly starting salary for one VA is USD$200.

3. How many hours does the Virtual Assistant work? Can I pay them hourly instead?
Ans: Generally they work 8 hours per day excluding local holidays and public holidays. We recommend 7 days of paid leave for VA who worked for at least 1 year.
There is no hourly payment rate. They work on full time basis only.

4. Can you guarantee my profits with the help of Virtual Assistant?
Ans: We, as a VA provider, do not and cannot guarantee the profitability of your business. It is the full responsibility of the business owner to ensure the profitability of their own business and fine tune their business strategy accordingly when desired result is not being achieved.

5. How do you ensure quality listing from your Virtual Assistant?
Ans: Usually we will train the VA on certain guidelines and rules to follow in order to make the listing is of good quality.
Research profitable competitors using Zik Analytics
Set min. profit to $1 for new item
Title optimization base on suggested keywords
Picture optimization Collage at least 1 image & duplicate some images to make up to 12 images per listing.
Item specifics - Add more item specifics into listing whenever possible but do not exceed over 25 (ebay limit)
Use of AMZ Q&A into listing descriptions

6. How many Virtual Assistants do I need to completely outsource my business?
Ans: If you have a eBay store with over 1000 items, you will need 2 Virtual Assistants. One to list the products and the other one to focus on customer service support.

7. Do I get a daily report and how do I track my Virtual Assistant?
Ans: Yes, you will get an excel spreadsheet for your KPI report daily directly from the Virtual Assistant and they will track all the eBay listed IDs in the spreadsheet.

8. When and how do I pay my Virtual Assistant?
Ans: You will pay your Virtual Assistant’s monthly salary directly via Paypal at the end of every month, i.e 30th.

9. In the event of my Virtual Assistant decided to quit/resign for whatever reason or I can't seems to work along with the Virtual Assistant, what should I do?
Ans: Contact Adwin on Facebook or whatsapp. We will do a 1-1 replacement VA for you (no extra fee) within the first 30 days only.

10. What softwares are the Virtual Assistant trained on?
Ans: VAs are trained on Zik Analytics and DSM Tool as the primary software. If you have other softwares, please let us know in advance.

11. Do you train VA's to avoid eBay violations?
Ans: VAs are train on what to watch out when listing descriptions, for example, email address, website url and telephone number.
For eBay vero, this will have to depend on how fast eBay publish vero on their main website. Basically, VAs are trained to avoid big established brands and go for private label instead.

12. Can I buy profitable listings from your company?
Ans: Sorry, currently this service is only offer to our paid students.

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