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Hi everyone, today to look at this app called The Talking advice app.
Now what this does is that you can actually compile a list of tips and tricks to help people who wish to learn the skill of talking.
For example, you can have a list of topics like:
Number 1- how to be successful to talk to anyone , number 2 – when to tell jokes, Number 3 – how to listen successfully, number 4 – how to start conversation from start to finish.

You can also help your user by giving a list of questions where they could start a conversation with anyone. This is especially useful for people attending different events or situations to know what to say . Have you been lost for words at least once in your life?

As we know first impression last, the words that you say played a very important role to determine the success of a friendship. This app also can help your user to increase their self-confidence and at the same time to learn how to respond during different situations.
You should give real life script example to the user, let them practice first and use it later. Now, they could learn what to say the next time round.

You can make it more attractive into an audiobook. Now learn how you could apply this app to the current local context.
You could set up a similar advice app that teaches specific group of people. For example, people going for job interview. What they should say? What they are not to say? And how they should respond with a question posed to them by their interviewer.

To monetize from this app, you can also set up in app advertisement, upsell them e-book on advance techniques, or simply linking them to your website for consultation service. You can also up sell an audio event or offline course. Try to be creative and you should have some success over here.

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