Mobile Apps For Daily Tools – Special Markets Review

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Hey everyone, today we’re going to look at this app idea called the Review app. It’s simply an app that does product and services review.

What a Review app look like is simply an aggregation of reviews for any specific product or services Just to give you some example, it can be in the form of automobiles, electronics, computers, gadgets, games, and even spa reviews.

So what is required in a review app. Well, you could actually collect news feeds from websites, or mobile phone review on blogger blogs. After you collected your information, you can compile it into your app sections on reviews and recommendation with ratings. Also your app must allow users to sharing with each other directly, or social media sharing, or add additional user reviews. Top 10 reviewer list should also be nice to have to encourage more reviews or let user see where they stand.

To succeed in this app, you need to be as specific as possible. Right now, there are many types of apps in the market that is doing reviews. To be even more niche, you could do a specific review for example, a type of service. All Cafes review can be too general. You can be even more specific, like cat cafe reviews for all the cat cafes around the world? Or in your country (if there is an on-going trend).

And to monetizes from this, you can promote a product or service and to get a small Commission in return. You can even have an in-app purchase store, where are get a commission for helping someone sell something.

In-app advertisement is possible and could add as an additional source of income. What local problem do you see people have and how you could use a review apps to solve their problems? This is not difficult to do and most of the time, you just need to look into what issue you faces daily. You will be inspired!

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