Mobile Apps For Daily Tools – Time management

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Today we’re going to look at the time management app. And this is a type of productivity app. A lot of people are looking for more time. The only way to have more time is to manage yourself and to manage your time. So in this app. We are going to have a list of daily activities that is performed by an individual, and the time that is required to be spend on each individual activities.

You need to have a built-in calendar, to allow your user to input his daily activities. It can be in the form of a list where the user just need to check off the activities that he going to do for the day.
The user usually want to perform the task one day before the actual day. You could have a reminder service, this serve to inform the user when activity is up in advance or required attention.

And by having this app, user can know in a period of 24 hours, how much time was spent doing a particular task.
They can save some time and find more time to allow to do something like Hobbies. This is a very useful app, and especially to know where you spend your time on.

User can now be more productive, in terms of looking into his calendar and knowing which time slot he can be free. The time tracker sends the reminder in your app. And once enough data is collected over a period of 3 to 6 months, the user now could plotted on a usage graph. This allows the user for the first time take a look into which activity is taking up the most amount of time.

How to monetize from this app, you can work with time management courses provider, in-app purchase advertiser, even time management DVDs courses.

To make it even more attractive for the user to download, you can come out a very specific time management app that focus on one hobby. This can be for example, a golfer. He wanted to check his skill level and how much time he spent on golfing every week. With an insights into time spent, this could help him to improve his time spend on golfing. Also to know which day of the week, does he practice most of the time on golf? This is just an example, I’m sure you can come with more creative examples for sure.

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