Mobile Apps For Daily Tools – Meditation

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Today, last take a look at the meditation apps. Most meditation apps are actually free apps, as you can see from the App Store. Most people actually use this app to track their progress in daily meditation. And one of the top downloads of meditation apps that we can see (over a million downloads), have a very unique feature. That is medication apps actually ask you about your current State of Mind before you start your meditation.

Now can you come up with an app that has a unique selling point? With this, very unique selling point, the developer again a very fast download rate and became top app under this category. So what is inside this is meditation apps?

You are actually guided by a step by step how to meditation. A list of tasks to do before meditation, a tracker to track your progress on your medication level. And at the same time you could pick the mood you are at and let the system recommend you the steps to be taken before you start your meditation. This is a power killer.

You can also track your weekly progress, to see how much time you spend on meditation. You can share your results with a group of yoga community and be more aware of your well-being.

Meditation apps could also be used at different location, at different situations, and even in schools where meditation sessions can be set aside for students to learn and practice meditation.

How you can monetize from this app? You could do an in-app advanced course, in-app advertisement, or even sell the DVD meditation courses.

Now how you can be different in this app to stand out from the rest? Well, you can come out with a niche version apps that is cater for people with disability, people facing weight loss issues, or relationship issues.
You could brainstorm some more from this and create a better apps.

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