Mobile Apps For Daily Tools – Time & Skill Donation

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Hey, today we’re going to take a look at the volunteer app. So if you’re looking forward to donate your time and skills, you could set up a volunteer app.

So what do we mean by volunteer apps, well it is actually by donating out your time to help someone or community in need. Most apps are 100% free of charge to download, just for the benefit to those in need of help.

One can be used in times of a natural disaster. People can be pulling together quickly to help those in need. So, what is inside a volunteer apps? For example, you should have a community of people for them to register themselves, check boxes for them to tick on the skill set they wish to volunteer.

Basic information of the person, their staying location and a dashboard to let people in need to post out request. In any event, the person nearest to the needy, can response in the shortest time possible.

You could set it a neighborhood watch app to let people volunteer their spare time and for better use of their time to serve the community. You should have a directory sorted by skills or search by location inside your app. There should be tracker inside the app to keep track of numbers of hours they volunteered.

You can expand this app out even for school volunteers. For sure in local context, parents would like to volunteer for school during their spare hours, they will be rewarded with joy and happy moment with their kids.

There is no real monetization models here. But, you could try to work with non-profit organization and see if they would like to have an app for their in-house tracking. In turn, you could be paid a small development fee. Also, you might meet more people like-minded in this circle, funds could be raised to develop even better apps in the near future.

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