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Hey, today we’re going to look at the legal advice app. You could actually work with a legal advisor to come up with a specific app for his legal business. In later part, we can see how to use this app to acquire new business leads.

Basically, the legal advice that could give the user some basic information on legal advices. It could range from small dispute to consumer complaints. To be even more specific, you can create an app that is related to a specific legal issue. Usually, legal advices are chargeable if a person go directly to the lawyer for advice seeking.

With a legal apps, the user can have instant access to digital legal information from specifics area related to the law. They could make some basic decisions before approaching the legal adviser. If you wish to monetize on this app, you can start collecting a list of leads. And try to work with a legal firm to sell the leads to them since they already have an issue to be solved. You could also signup with cost per lead company and sending your leads to the legal targeted advertisement.

Let’s look inside the app. You should have one page on legal terms, a directory a list of legal advisor and top recommended people in this industry or specific niche.

You could also gather a step-by-step instructional advice for the app user. Besides, you could also set up a community, asking people to give recommendation, and to allow newly joined legal advisor to provide pro bono services.

Some examples of smaller apps can be legal advice to freelancer, startup businesses, drafting a contract, making of will document or even documents which required the presence of a lawyer and their signature.

Your target audience are lawyers and legal advisers. People who are searching for legal advice and wish to learn more before they approach a legal advisor.
This could be a very profitable niche as the service required can be very costly. In local context, you should be able to come up with some example apps needing legal advices.

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