Mobile Apps For Daily Tools – Hiking or Cycling Map

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Hi today we’re going to go look at this app called the hiking or cycling map app.
With this is hiking app, you could actually give the user a directions in terms of where to hike, the location of hiking route, or even a cycling track for them to follow. What should be inside this app, you should have handy compass, location of different tracks, location of different hiking places, recommendation by other hikers, tips to watch out for along the way, and a plan of the route.
Your user could do distance calculation and know how much time it would take to take for each route.

To design a similar app in local context, you could come up with something similar but since hiking might not be as applicable in this country. You can think of an app like a MRT MAP.
This can be for local residents or even first time visitors to Singapore. What should be included in this mobile app? You should be able to do auto suggest the fastest route from one MRT track to another different one, the total time taken for travel and to incorporate tourist attraction sites.
Always do a recommendation on which MRT line and which stations are all the must-go attractions for the visitors.

And best of all, you should allow the user to save each session that they planned. They could retrieve it and share it with your friends on social media platform.
Ways to monetize from this app, you can sign up with shops along the MRT track which need some visibility and they could give a discount coupons or codes the visitor drop by to shop.

This type of apps is very useful in helping users to navigate around places where they have not been before. Now think of what are the apps that you can come up with. You might be surprise a lot of apps are still missing in local context.

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