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Today we go take a look at another app call the Meetup apps. This type of apps is basically very simple where you could actually gather a group of people, or like-minded people who have a specific interest. Form a meet up group and share their experiences.
This could be a group people who love to eat or who love to do Cafes hopping. I am sure there are people who love to do buffet lunch hopping as well.

No doubt there are many meetup apps available online, learn how to differentiate yourself from the rest. You need to come out with a special niche catering for a special group of people.

What is should be inside this app? You should have a tab to talk about what is special about this group and who you intend this app to be for. Next, to allow user to sign up to introduce themselves. Plus to suggest the location meet up and allow members to vote for the type of meals.
A moderator should be nominated for each meeting session.

Your app should allow members to chat each other, share photographs of each sessions, and encourage members to suggest new location for their meeting.

Bringing this to local context, you could actually set up an app that allows people to join in for special interest groups. For example, topic of sports, you can allows the user to sign up and introduce new Sports to the group.
Members are allow to send X numbers of notifications to individual members, unless they upgrade their plan. This can be very specific to a location or town or city. Use your imagination and look around the App Store. Get inspiration to see what is not available yet in local contexts.
You should be able come out with a few ideas. Meetup apps is very interesting and specific unlike social media platform where all kinds of people gather together. They might not like any particular interest but to join as passive member.

Special interest group app, people just speaks the same language. Wink!

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