Mobile Apps For Daily Tools – Weather

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Hey everyone, today we’re going to talk about the weather apps.

I’m sure everyone know about the weather apps or have download and use one before. First of all, the weather app should have a very bright and colorful theme. Your apps should inform the user the local weather condition of the day and the focus on upcoming week’s weather.

All new weather mobile app should support iTunes, Google Play Store and the Apple watch. Besides, your weather at should be able to allow your user to customize it to any country. You can even go by cities for local city weather condition.

Users are allow to search by a specific location and to look into weather forecast before they travel.

The daily report can be sent to your user in the form of email alerts. Once you’re able to collect your user emails, you could incorporate some advertisement into subsequent emails.

For your weather apps, you should incorporate social media function into it. This is to allow the user to share and report weather condition on social media. This will encourage more people to download your weather app.

Theme customization should be allowed inside your apps. User could easily change the layout with a click of a button. To monetize from your apps, place in-apps advertisement but not on every pages. Or you can recommend weather related products to your subscribers to earn an affiliate commission.

Now, think about how you could be different? You can allow your user to upload photos or short 5 second video on the weather condition. You could also incorporate a weather forecaster to do audio weather reporting.

If want to use it to local context, you could give my tips to what to wear for certain weather conditions. Plus other additional information which you can incorporate into your app. Say for example, the PSI air condition for the past 24 hours, neighboring disaster, or latest weather update comparing today with same day last year.

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