Mobile Apps For Daily Tools – Gift for Baby

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Now let’s take a look at this gift apps. Actually a very simple apps which you could create. First, you can look for resources online and aggregates the feeds into your apps. For example, baby gift apps whereby you actually generate a list of ideas. You can pull out a list of presents that is suggested for you or to give it for during baby shower.

The give apps could also expanding out into Valentine’s gift, parent’s gifts, lover gifts, etc. All this could be incorporated into one. You can separately develop individual apps as well. No fix rules here.

The gift app could alarm the mobile user or allow them to send a gift request. They should also encourage online on social media sharing. You know people like to take a picture and post it on Facebook to let their friends envy.

Next, you could also look into your address book contacts in your mobile phone. Based on the interest of your individual friend, decide what gift is suitable for that special person. Your apps should allow you to track what present you had given this year.

You might not want to give the same gift next year. 

You should also design a tab on the mobile app to allow gift request to be sent. To save the trouble of thinking what to give to for special one, you could ask for a hint. This could be fun as well. Whatever if he or she is likely to receive, is going to be something they like.

And look into local context, what you could do similar but adding a twist into it. How about a price range with auto suggested gifts base on interest?

You could also ask a list of questions from your friends, to collect information on which website they visit most to shop gift. It can be on Amazon, eBay or any local any online store.

This would give you a good idea on what the user actually buy. You could work with the big online store and give promotional information to the your apps user.

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