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Let’s take a look at the resource directory apps. Basically, this app focus on the special niche. For example a pet dog resource app. This type of app will list down all the available pet dog hospitals, dog sitters, dog breeders, dog trainers and all other related information about taking care of pet dog.

Since this is a resource directory types of apps, you could actually set up a related store to sell products. Add product reviews, promotions and new dog trainers or dog training programs. Not forgetting to design Apple iTune, Google play store and Apple watch.

Now the user can easily search and connect with their local vets, groomers, dog walker, pet sitters and other related businesses on their mobile phone. You can add a loyalty program into your app. Each services purchase from your apps will entitle the user to earn points in extra for something, i.e. pet food.

They can also find training classes for their pets and learn about tips and tricks. Take a look into your local context, you could look into partnering with local pet store, pet adoption agencies, and even pet classifieds online.

In addition, if you want to monetize on this further on this app, you get a referral fee when you refer someone to visit your local pet store or promote new products for them. This would save them lots of money doing offline promotion. For starter, you can monetize it using in-app advertisement. Social media proof should be the main area you should be doing to promote your apps.

You can ask pet bloggers to review your apps to get more user to download and start using your apps. There are simply too many pets apps which are not in the app store yet and no matter how small the market, there is always an opportunity to monetize from it now. First mover will get the money.

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