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Next, take a look at the café app. There is 2 way which you can do it. First, you can making into a directory apps that check and update you user on the latest café joint in your neighborhood. Secondly, you can setup a focus café app for a particular café if they have retail chain store in your city. It make more sense for them to promote it store wide.

Your Café app should have the follow: #1 – Easy to identify theme, layout to fit your target audience. #2 – description on the specialties about the café join. Why was it unique?
#3 – How can customer find them and their operation hours? Do they run and promotions during certain day of the week.
#4 – Top recommended – This page can feature top recommended drinks or food unique to this particular café.
#5 – Online menu – This should be a file which can be uploaded and change whenever the menu is changed.
#6 – Recommendation – From social media and people who have been to the café. Facebook did a good job in telling you how many of your friends had tried that particular café before. Their level of service, food quality and ambient.

Local context for such app is very low perhaps due to the actual power of leveraging is not realized by café owner. Adding a twist into it would certainly help to boost their sales. Additional services could be personalized coffee taste or even designed café art for each person. This can be stored in their own database to analyze what other new products they should be coming out for festive occasion.

Monetization model is to get café store owner to setup a yearly contract service with the app developer. For café resource directory app, the monetization model would be limited to in-app advertisement.

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