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Now let’s take a look at another app called the item exchange app. Basically, this is app allows us to do item exchange. For example like textbooks, story books, magazines, backs, and any hobbies like stamp collections, cufflinks and game cards.

The advantage of item exchange app is that you can buy sell exchange within schools are within the app community.

Anyone in the neighborhood or school institution can post a request. For any books that is required, this request will be picked up by the community within the app. An offer can be made by anyone.

So at the same time, you can check where is the person is that have the book you need. For the text books that you required, you can meet up to do some exchange of buying.

This save you money if do any exchange or if you decide to sell, no extra charges is required to sell in this community app.

You are bringing like-minded people together at the same time they can make new friends and even share the cost of owning a new book.

You can also bring this up-level, where are you considered to be a local level where you get local community to work together. All at regional level, where you can bring different countries together in terms of doing at a larger scale for hobbies exchange.

Even at global level, where international countries can be involved to action on certain movement or environmental issues.

Another example could be the use of item exchange app for branded bags. Branded bags can be exchanged within a community of people. At the same time, that makes the cost of owning a branded bag even lower. Through such efforts, you are also saving yourself tons of money which can be used for other purposes.

You can also start to establish yourself as the ‘go to person’ when coming to item exchange and at the time you can look for new alternative to item exchange app to be set up. This will give you additional ideas to setting up a new businesses whether offline or online as you already established yourself as the go-to-person. You can use this to test your ideas before going ‘live’.

Item exchange apps go beyond just exchanging products. You can use expand out to services and get people providing the same services together. In the way, you are actually saving yourself money. With services that you could provide, you could be requiring another service by another person. So by doing an exchange, both party win.

In addition, item exchange app other than helping to save time and money, the item lifespan get extended beyond the ‘go and throw it away’. At the same time, you can be more aware of the items that you bought and throw away in the past few months, that could to be re-used and pass on to another person.

So how to monetize on this type of item action app?

You can do promo codes redemption within the app or all you can do in-app advertisement with an advertiser in the same niche. And at the same time, item exchange app is to educate people to be environmental friendly. Always to reuse or exchange an old item. Through such effort, you can help to build a more sustainable environment.

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