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Today we’re going to look into another mobile app called the memory improvement mobile app. This is one of the most popular mobile app on the Google Play Store. You can see that there are many different types of memories app that you can develop.

There are also many levels of memory skills that you can acquire. The beginner stage, the intermediate and expert level. We can expect to learn even more advanced strategies and methods from a memory master.

First, if you decided to develop a memory improvement app, you got to decide what is the format that you are going to deliver to your customer. You can use a PDF file format whereby chapters after chapters of content to be uploaded into your application.

Or if you decided to charge the customer base on the number of chapters they actually wanted to read, you can do so. For PDF file format, is basically very simple.

You just need to prepare a PDF and set up the content and then format the app. The user can just browse app chapter by chapter. Next, you go on to explain into the basics of memories skill and what are the different types of memories skill that are available for the user.

And they could do after each chapter or expect to be able to do. Always design a course of an action item and have a test at the end of your application to see how each individual person fair.

But how can your app be different from the rest of the memory improvement app out there on the Play Store? Well you could actually design a game memory app, or challenge the user in terms of their memory power or get them challenge each other inside the app. Top scorer get to unlock all levels.

Memory related apps can be of many types. It can be range from work related memory skill, exam or student related memory skill, or simply number related memory.

Each app can be a standalone app if you want to be more niche and specific.

You can also go on to explain or send tips and tricks on memory to your user. At the same time, you can also branch into video memory training series. For video course, student can see you and you can actually explain in greater details.

If you intend to set a video training series, what you can do is to break up the training videos into multiple series, and different levels. First is beginner level, you can give it totally free to anyone who downloaded your app. In-app purchase, for intermediate and advanced level, where they are required to pay a higher fee to you .

Just to take note, if you had establish yourself as a memory master, you can actually charge a higher fee. For larger user or subscriber app, it makes sense to set up a website. Please sell your memory app on your website instead of the App Store.


If you look around all the famous gurus, they have mobile apps which is only selling at their website and not anywhere. This way, you position yourself as the go-to experts in this area. And also create scarcity for the user. Question to think about. Do you think you can sell an expensive app out there in the app store or on your website? Not forgetting the fees Google or Apple going to take from you.

Alternatively, you could use your newly launch a video training course to up-sell them a webinar.

For monetization, other than video training in-app purchase. You can add in-app advertisement or banner to sell software applications related to personal development.

And with this app, you could actually setup a memory mastery class or even set up schools that teach memory skills. Enjoy!

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