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Alright, today we can take a look into a suggestion engine mobile app. There are about 10 of them that I go through them one by one.

#1 – The Movie Finder mobile app, okay.. What this app does is to recommends a movie to you and you can search any movie categories directly. You can also base on your interest to let this app auto suggest a movie for you. Cool rite!

#2 – The Audio player app – where the app auto search through the audio files inside your phone and what it does is to mix and play your favorite song for you at random. You can set a playlist of your chosen order and played at a later time.

#3 – A Video recommendation app that store your most watched videos channels and place it into a dashboard, especially for YouTube videos. Stay up-to-date and it also auto stream and play directly to your mobile phone. You can enjoy your favorite Youtube channel anywhere you like. Plus it will auto suggest to you (based on the type of channels subscribe) other similar channels. And allows you to configure your playlist too.

#4 – The Field Trip app – this is a cool little app that allows information nearby you to pop up instantly. Auto notification you can call it. You can be alerted base on the backgrounds you are at. Thanks to build in GPS. So next time, if you’re close to something interesting or places of interest, be sure to listen in.

You do not need to click on anything. Just have your headset ready! Come to think about it, would tour guides get out of job soon? So it is a very good app if there is language selection as well, especially for people traveling overseas.

#5 – Let’s look into the parking lot app. Yeah, if you need to search for one and spend hours waiting, this app is what you need. The app will alert you on a nearby available parking lot by location. And you can set up a local community. Member of send message and let other each other know whenever there’s a free parking lot near them. I find that this would save a lot of time especially if you can’t find a parking lot when out for shopping.

#6 – Next a local food and restaurant recommendation engine app. If a five star recommended local food stall is around, you will be alerted. This recommendation engine also can store all the restaurant listings, menus, contact information, addresses, location, ratings, and reviews and let you compare and keep track of your choice each time you select from the app.

#7 – Let’s take a look at the app suggestion apps. This app allow you to create a new profile base on the app which you like most or have downloaded before from the app store. You can be constantly receive personal app suggestion.
This app allow you to invite friends and setup your own communities. At the same time, discover what apps your friends are using right now!
You could send an app to a friend directly, hey this is cool! You may also share apps all your favorite social media platform.

So what you could do you for your local apps?
Well, you can gather all the local apps in your country and create an app that categories them.

#8 – Next, the emoji app. Basically, uses TouchPal a free keyboard app for Android. This app can actually put cool emoji, emotional icons on text faces automatically. It does support some customizable keyboard themes and deliver the next prediction text or emo icon for you. You can also choose to create your own keyboard themes as well. A twisted version could be using local related themed icon on festival or mascot or organization based.

#9 – Recently I came across a new app, it’s called CamFind. It is a mobile visual search engine that is interesting enough. This allows you to search for anything from your mobile phone just by taking a picture.

#10 – Last by not least, everyone love Mimi, and agree that the Mimi generators is one of the funniest must have app mobile phone user.
You can try to create the funniest Mimi and share them with your friends or to social media. And get famous overnight.
With over 700+ high quality mini, and lot of example captions that you could use on your photograph. You could also use custom MiMi where you can have any pictures from your gallery captioned and shared with your friends.

Sure you could come up with a localized suggestion app engine. Just think about what you hate to make a decision on every day and you will have a dozen of problem to solve.

You can monetize this type of app with again in-app purchase or in-app advertisement.

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