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Let’s have a look today at a small little app called party planner. Well actually what you do is that you actually have an app that keep tracks of an event or the party.

Your app typically consist of five sections the first section is the to-do list. This automatically give you an overall view on To-do items by due date and allows you to set reminder on then. You can also import guest list from your contact on your mobile phones and manage those people with RSVP.

Next is the guest section where you actually can select who you want to invite. You can import the guest list from your contact, or you can actually do a quick call or email directly from the party planner.

When planning the menu user can enter what they need to do, shopping for item.
On the to-do list, user can easily see which dishes require what receipt to be purchase. This section allow you to actually decide what dishes you need to cook and what dishes you are going to buy and who is the someone’s going to bring any food over for the party.

Next is the shopping section, where are you have a list of items that you will be buying similar to the to-do list but this will give you even more detail list. You focus on shopping before the party and on the day itself.

And lastly, it to set a budget which brings you to the budget section. So how much are you going to spend and can you adjust your budget? There should be some form of calculator to calculate the total price, price of individual item and also looking into how much budget you have set aside.

To create a better app you could do the following,

#1 – Create your apps that can give the user step by step for user guide for inputting the data. User can create guest list by picking from the address book on in the mobile phone.
#2 – Allows the user to send invites to the guest list with a beautiful invitation birthday e-card. This allow you to personalize.
#3 – Allow you to manage the menu for the party and also what are the gifts you going to expect.
#4 – Specific tasks like items that need to be complete in one week time, in two weeks’ time, in three weeks’ time should be able to be view in once glance.
You should also have a plan for one day before and on the party itself.
#5 – Give a summary of your plan. This allow the user to stay on top over everything and run it through their mind and check any missing item.
#6 – To allow you to copy and save the plan. You won’t like to go through the hassle to recreate the to-do list again. Save it and reuse for the future.
#7 – An import function to pass information like the gasoline, grocery list, from an existing plan. You might already did this type of planning.
Why not allow your user to import from excel or word file. You could teach them the proper format to use. Do make sure that your app is able to remind your guest by email before and on the day of the party. You won’t like the idea of people calling you asking you the location, time and other stuff.
Just think ahead when planning to do such an app. It’s simple app but require good planning well before the development phase.

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