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When you decided to own a pet dog or cat, you will be dependent on this pet tips and tricks mobile app. This app basically target first time pet owner and totally zero experience in owning and taking care of their pet. Here are the Top 10 Pets in the World.
#1 – Dogs
#2 – Cats
#3 – Rabbits
#4 – Guinea Pigs
#5 – Hamsters
#6 – Fish
#7 – Birds
#8 – Rats
#9 – Lizards
#10 – Turtles

Think about the problems pet owner will face during the first few days of actually owning the pet. They would like to know the habit of the pet, what to feed the pet with, things to avoid doing, where to send the pet for grooming )in particular to dogs and cats. So you could now build your pet apps according to each individual animal. Adding more modules like tips and tricks for a small upgrade to the mobile app. Next get a list of pet shop into your app as directory. Work with the pet shop owner and get a commission for referring customer to them. This could be pretty lucrative for you.

Paying attending to the pet owner needs and get feedbacks for your app is a very good way to improve and think of an angle to develop its sub-niches. All pets owner would like to know more about their pet. Some owner would even wanted to set their pet for training. Is there a pet trainer in your neighbourhood? Some owner wanted to burial their pet. Is there a pet cemetery in your area? How about a pet hotel? A pet spa?

Plus you can also get dog walker freelancer to join your apps network. There you could get the supply and demand side to match up. You have a business now. There are so much more which are not yet explore and money is still yet to be made. You can also go out to speak to pet owner. Ask them about their number one issue with their pet. Whenever there are challenges, a business opportunity is just a stone’s throw away. Good luck to finding your new business in pet apps.

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