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When you’re going overboard to study or travel, something it’s good to get a better understanding to their culture before arrival. Such a mobile app will allow you to quickly navigate around the country with it’s different races and avoid embarrassment moment. One good app which incorporate this is Travel Advisor app. I am pretty sure you have heard of or currently using them. Other than helping you to search for the best hotel to stay, places to visit and restaurants, you can gain a better insights to a particular country culture.

Most mobile app weaved this into their main apps in the form of user reviews. However, you could gather all these review from online website and come up with a new app. See? It’s not that difficult to do. Now, let’s quickly define the problem here. Too many reviews to read thru in order to arrive at some reviews that make sense to you. So what could you do?

I would design an app to pick up certain keywords within the comment section and arrange them based on user experience, culture believes and things to avoid. Did you see a light bulb now? So far none of the apps in the marketplace is doing this. Would it be helpful for people to quickly read thru the reviews on culture beliefs, best things to avoid and must do?

As a valuable app, and thanks to the main app, you could leverage on the user interaction and on-going update of information to stay fresh and good. Eventually, more apps would be changing the way it interacts with the mobile phone user. You could ask a questions and get a list on answer. Base on the best answer, make your decision or get sold on the idea.

Smart consumer now does all their research online. Many reasons add to the fact that we are well connected to each other and getting true advice is just a text message away. This is an example on how you too could go into an existing app in the marketplace and pull information for your mobile users. Leverage on existing app would be time saving and fairly short to develop the app into a full fledge apps tomorrow.

With this, think of your local context. What is missing and why are you frustrated when information was not told to you before travel to that particular country. Do you wish you could avoid all those mistakes that could cost you money?




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