Mobile Apps For Health & Fitness – Nutrition Guide

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In today’s world, everyone wanted to stay healthy. Those who are already healthy wanted to stay healthier longer. Heck! If you flip your phone over the app store, you could easily find many food and nutrition guide related mobile apps. You probably would download one for yourself and check out what’s in for you to stay healthy.

Screening through the apps, it’s pretty straightforward to see most of the A to Z are food related to what you eat daily and some even have a table that translate the food into calories to burn off. Ouch! While offering advice is nice and putting great knowledge into the user mind, would they still remember 2 days from now? How about 2 weeks?  I would bet they even forgotten they have downloaded your app.

To make your nutrition guide app better, user interaction is the foremost important to be tackled. Information should be easily represented to the user for example, eating a 200g chocolate bar would means having to climb 30 storey of staircases. Now, you see the impact this bring to your user? Health conscious people would be constantly checking are they eating too much today and how many hours do they need to spend in the gym to burn of the fats aka calories. (Get someone to compile the information for you. Or simply outsource it) Human being are actually motivated by pain and lesser of the rewards.

Next, to make the app more interesting, getting spouse or their partners to remind them of a target to loss weight sound promising. Allow user to share their goals with their friends and getting encouragement from each other would be the way to go. Add pain to move people. For example, by end of 3 months if I am unable to lose weight, I am going to treat 50 people to a dinner. See…it suddenly start to motivate and reminds the user of the pain waiting for him/her.

Don’t try to be nice here. So do they need your nutrition guide app now to stay on top of their lose weight goals?  You have the answer.

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