Mobile App Flipping – The Right Motives

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There are several people out there who are skeptical about mobile app flipping. They quote examples of how app flipping yields very low profits and one rarely gets any recognition. However, this is where the flaw in your motives comes in. Why exactly are you flipping an app and what are your goals? The answers to these questions can almost wholly define your potential rate of success.

For most developers, the goal is to come up with something that will be approved on Apple’s iTunes store or Google Play Store. They work, right from the beginning, to make an application that conforms to the rules of these platforms, and eventually upload their final product on these to reach out to potential customers. However, are these platforms really that beneficial? While they might be great for making small profits, can an app really succeed exceptionally on these? Sure enough, there are applications that have gained immense amount of appreciation. However, considering the number of apps uploaded on these platforms – which is in hundreds every day – the rate of successful apps is very low.


How, then, do you make your application successful? Here is how.


Forget About iTunes and Play Store


This may sound absurd. Surely, these platforms are the best way to market applications, right? Wrong! The fact is that your app, unless it is an exceptional one, has a very low chance of reaching out to a lot of people if it is marketed solely through these platforms. Here are a few reasons for this:


Extremely busy marketplace – If you think your app is amazing, you need to look around. Play Store probably has hundreds of other apps that provide exactly the same functions. The simple fact is that your app needs to stand out. Simply uploading it on iTunes or Play Store does not guarantee downloads or any profits. For all you know, users may never even get to see your app in the crowd.

Active users – Mobile and internet users today are highly adept at making decisions. They are also very fast at it; research suggests that an average internet user spends just about five seconds when deciding whether to browse a certain website or download a certain app. Therefore, if your app does not stand among the top few and does not have exceptional reviews, it will probably fail in the market very soon.

Rare usage – So, your app looked attractive and therefore it got downloaded. Does that guarantee success? No, it does not. Research suggests that 95% of the total apps that are downloaded are opened only once. This means that unless your app is amazing and keeps the user hooked, you will probably not make any profits and your app will not be in use after a month.

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