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Once you are done with the app flipping process itself, the next important step is marketing your app. You reach out to your target audience and let them know that your app exists, it might as well never be uploaded on app stores or your website. You need to make sure that among thousands of apps, it reaches the eyes of your potential customers, so that there is consideration to download it.

When it comes to reaching out to these people, there are several modern strategies that are used. From paid advertising in other apps to leading customers through hidden links, there are several strategies to make an app visible to customers. However, you must not resort to these no matter how many customers these generate. Why?


Reputation – Old school strategies might be slow to work, but they are the most effective when it comes to reputation. This is because modern web and app users are aware of all marketing strategies and any cheap strategies will no fail to impress them. Old school strategies remain the most genuine way to attract customers.

Building customer loyalty takes time – Sure enough, there are several modern strategies that work overnight to bring in lots of customers. However, most of this traffic is either irrelevant or temporary. If you want to build a great reputation with customers, the best way is to take time to do so. Something that you put time and effort in will make your customers loyal to you and will be useful for repeated future sales instead of a small-scale one-time sale.

Relevant traffic – Old school methods are the most reliable way to generate related traffic. Getting overnight traffic is often useless because most these people are barely interested in your product. Therefore, you should take time to research and reach out to potential customers who actually might be interested in your product and are likely to have the willingness to download or even buy it.


When it comes to old school strategies that are working successfully for website and app developers since several years, there are a few major ones that you can focus on.

  1. Social Media Marketing

If you want to reach out to all of your potential customers around the world, the best way to do this is to use the social media. Marketing your app on Facebook and/or Twitter, whether for free or through paid advertising, you can reach out to a lot of people and can make yourself known, even if you are a new developer in a market full of popular experts. Making a page or a group for a new app is the best way to let people know about it and to gather information, which can then intrigue them enough to go to your app page and download or buy it.

The best way to go on about this is to make and manage a Facebook page. However, there is a key to this. Almost every business has a Facebook page, and it is not as easy to get customers to ‘Like’ it as you may think. You must focus on a few key points to make the most out of the benefits of Facebook marketing.

Genuine ‘Likes’ – There are several online platforms where people can now post jobs for freelancers. A shocking category in these is overnight fan collection. There are several companies that offer professional services to get a lot of likes – in sets of thousands – overnight. While a big figure of fans on your Facebook page might look good, the fact is that most of these will be random or maybe even fake fans. Even if they are genuine fans, the fact is that they have not likes your page because they are actually interested in it. Therefore, the figure only has visual attractiveness and does not do much to increase your profits or get you more customers. The best way, therefore, is to avoid overnight solutions and to collect fans gradually over a period of time.

Regular management – There are several fan pages out there that get very popular, and immediately lose the popularity because they are not regularly managed. If you make a page for your app, you must regularly post related information that will interest fans and will keep your page active. Best is to get fans to participant in the form of contest or questionnaires.

Moderation – Apart from posting updates, regular moderation and customer service can also be provided through Facebook pages. Make sure you regularly address queries and complaints from customers, and do not keep them waiting.


If you make sure that you focus on these key points, there are several benefits that you can drive out of social media marketing for your app. Here are some of these:

Exposure – As of the most recent statistical analysis, Facebook has over 1.19 billion users. Having this huge number on the same platform and being able to market your product to them is, perhaps, the greatest convenience you can get. It means that you do not have to go through the hassle of gathering people at one place before advertising your product.

Lesser expenses – Facebook business pages can operate free of cost. However, it is ideal to spend some money on them to get the best results. The best part is that even if you spend money, the amount will be extremely minimal. If you plan to advertise your page through an ad banner, Facebook will charge you as low as $10 per day, with the ad being exposed to tens of thousands of people. You might end up spending just about $100 to get thousands of fans to reach your page and eventually your app.

Target audience – There are over 1 billion users on Facebook, but that does not mean all of them would be interested in your app’s page. What’s more productive is that you target specific people and attract only them. While you can also do this with the content of your page, using Facebook advertising makes it a lot easier to do so. You can choose who sees your advertisement by categorizing people according to age groups, geographical localities, etc. For example, if you are aiming to make an entertainment related app popular among local people, you can choose to advertise to young adults in your particular city or country.

Facebook page analysis – A great feature of Facebook pages is that they analyze your page automatically. You can see graphs and figures showing your most recent likes, while you can also see your progress over time. The analysis also includes a general overview of other pages that your fans or similar users like or visit, thus giving you a good idea about your competitors and their progress.

Building brand loyalty – It is very easy to build brand loyalty and to keep customers interested in your page through Facebook. For example, you can keep adding innovations to your app and details and updates about this to your Facebook page. You can also post polls and statuses to interact with your customers and ask them what changes would they like. Addressing their queries and keeping in direct contact with them can go a long way for building customer loyalty.

Traffic for your website – It is easier to get traffic for a social media page than for a website. You can, therefore, use this traffic and direct them to your website by linking it in your status updates or providing a direct download link.

Easy analysis of competitors – The fact is that all of your competitors also use Facebook to market their apps and brands. You can visit their pages and check the updates they are posting and the progress they are making. You can, then, accordingly alter your own methods and improve your performance go attract more customers.


  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is very important, since almost everyone on the internet uses popular search engines to reach what they want. If your app or website does not appear among the first few results on web pages, it is unlikely that you will ever reach your potential customers. This is because most people do not have the time to check all the pages of a search engine, and will usually find what they want on the first or the second page. The same is true for app stores. People search for keywords and download the apps that appear among the top few results.

If you are selling your app on a website, your main goal should be to lead people to this site. Here are some tips you can use for this:

Keywords and key phrases – Take your time to research the keywords that your potential customers use most commonly. Then, with the help of an expert, carefully add these to the content on your website. This reason you need an expert to do this is because you don’t want to overdo it. Adding excessive keywords will not lead more people to your site, but simply get you banned from popular search engines.

External links – SEO through keywords can also be obtained through external links. You can, for example, hire a writer to create keyword-optimized posts about your app and post them on various platforms on the web. This way, these posts might appear among the top search results when users type these keywords on Google. They can then find you after reading a post about your app, or can reach your site through a direct link incorporated in the post.

Minimal content – A great way to improve SEO on your website is to make sure that the content is minimal and organized. This is because clustered content makes it difficult to make out the useful information, which causes poor listing by search engines.

White-hat methods – Never look for overnight SEO solutions, because they do not exist. The seemingly attractive overnight solutions are almost always based on black-hat SEO methods. While these may drive traffic to your website in the short-run, you might get permanently banned from Google in the long-run, and be unable to market your website any further.


Another part of SEO, when it comes to applications, is mobile SEO. This is because the improvements in technology have made mobile phones very convenient, and several people now mostly surf the web on their mobile phones. This is majorly because they have to download apps directly to their phones, which is why they search for them through the same device. Therefore, when carrying out SEO, you must keep mobile users in your mind and adopt methodologies that will complement their preferences. Here are a few tips:

Easy navigation – Remember that complex websites can be very difficult and annoying to operate on mobile phones. Therefore, keep your website as simple as possible to make it easy for mobile users to operate.

Make images small – On mobile websites, the most important thing is speed. People do not want to wait for several minutes for a website to load. Therefore, make sure that all the images on your website are very small in size and do not take forever to appear. If they do, this can immediately create a bad impression on your potential customer.

Use proper headers – It is very annoying for website users, especially those on mobiles, to get lost on a website and lose track of what they were looking for. Therefore, use proper headers that will allow them to easily find what they are looking for.

Effective titles and descriptions – This is true both for your own website and for apps on other app stores. When people search for an app, they reach it through the keywords in the title and the description. Therefore, make sure that you add popular keywords in these. Coming up with a totally unique title may not get you anywhere if it will never appear in search results.


  1. YouTube Videos

Another great way to market your application and to attract people to downloading it is to create YouTube videos relating to it. Video marketing is a relatively new but very popular advertising method, especially for mobile applications and other software programs. This is because not all web users are willing to read lengthy descriptions and reviews. Most of them prefer to go to YouTube and simply see a short video reviewing an application, which leads to a quicker decision.

There are several other benefits of using YouTube videos as a marketing tool for your app.

Automatic target audience – YouTube will automatically list your video in related videos when people are watching mobile app reviews or tutorials. This means that you will automatically reach your target audience, without having to spend any money or researching or reaching them.

Minimal costs – The best part about YouTube is that there is no cost of uploading a video, even if it is for marketing purposes. You also do not have to spend a lot of money on the preparation, and can us any handheld camera or even a good mobile camera to record the video.

Subscribers – YouTube allows people to subscribe to your channel, which means it is easier to reach out to people who are likely to buy your product. All you have to do is to keep creating videos that interest them, and at the end of every video lead them to your website where they can download your app.

Tutorials – An added benefit of YouTube is that along with marketing your app, you can also teach people how to use it. You can simply make a video explaining the features of the app along with visual aid. People who want to learn how to use the app will definitely prefer a video over a written tutorial.


Making videos, therefore, is a great way to reach out to a larger number of customers, especially to those who are mostly found only on YouTube. To make the best use of it, you must ensure good quality videos. This is because even the reputation of a great app can be undermined by a poor marketing video, and people may never want to visit the website if they video they watched was disappointing or unconvincing.

  1. Other Media

Depending on your target audience and your budget, there are several other marketing methods you can use. You can, for example, advertise your app in newspapers or on the television. You can also give interviews on the TV or the radio about your app. However, these methods are not very popular among app users, since their interest in and time spent with this sort of media is minimal. These methods will be successful after you have had an immense amount of success on the web. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, is a popular subject for TV documentaries because of the immense success of Facebook on the internet.

These methods also require a large budget, and you should only indulge in them if you are sure that your application will generate enough profits to cover these marketing costs.

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