Mobile App Flipping – Build Your Own Branded App (Part 2/2)

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Continue from Part 1, here’s your part 2 installment.

2. Efficient Features

The success of branded apps is not always limited to linking them with your website through names and logos. Often, you can make your app stand out because of other unique features it has. If you already have a website running or a company, you can make a branded app related to it. In order to come up with a better branded app, here are some things you can keep in mind:


Do not make it a marketing campaign – Often, mobile app brands are not recognizable because of the so many other brands they are advertising. You want your own company to be distinguishable from others, and not come across and someone merely trying to make money through advertisements. You should particularly avoid hidden pop-up ads, since most users block these anyway and those who do not are likely to delete the app if they come across these. In such a case, your future app sales will also be affected due to the poor reputation.

Focus on providing convenience – App and internet users do not like having to spend a lot of time finding what they need. Therefore, create easy navigation and give customers exactly what they are looking for. While you certainly want to make profits, they key is to not make this apparent to your customers and make them feel cared for. This will be great for your future apps, since users will want to keep coming back for newer downloads.

Avoid mediocre apps – When working with a brand, you cannot compromise on quality. This is because coming up with an inefficient app will greatly affect all your future campaigns. Users will not want to download another app from a brand that previously delivered mediocre apps. Therefore, remember that it is better to not produce a branded app at all than to produce a poor one.


Building Your Own Customer List

Do you want to make the maximum amount of profits? Build your own customer list! It might seem very convenient to user iTunes or Google Play Store customer lists, or use that of the original app you are using. However, you can yield greater results by marketing your brand and creating a list from the scratch. This list will be unique to your brand and will eventually create more profits for you than ready-made customer lists will.

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