Mobile App Flipping – Pricing Difference in Usual and Branded Apps

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You make an app and sell it on Apple Store. As a new app, you can at maximum price it at $0.99. App developers would know the amount of work and costs that go into the development, and this seems like a really meager return. Moreover, the number of people willing to pay for an app is really low and you may not make any profits at all.

On the other hand, if you create your own website, market an app around the internet and create a brand reputation from a successful first app – which might even be free – you can price your second app at 10 times the cost. While this may seem absurd, there are several reasons why people would be willing to pay this amount:


Quality – Your customers know that you produce good quality apps. They had several awful experiences in the past where they have to download several apps only to find that they are only full of annoying advertisements and little usefulness. In such a case, if they trust you, they will be willing to pay for your app. No question asked!

The ‘brand’ tag – Everyone knows that anyone can make and upload an app on app stores. They know that most of these are extremely low quality apps that they never open except for the first time they download it. There are several users out there who do not have the time to look through all of these available apps and find one worthwhile. In such a case, a website selling a branded app through good quality marketing naturally seems like a good option.

Accountability – No one really knows the developers of most apps. The most people can do if they do not like an app is leave a bad review for it and move on to look for another. If, however, you are a brand and own a website, people know that they can contact you in case they face a problem with your app, and can file a complaint. While most people may not go to such lengths and avoid the waste of time, this depends on your target population. For management apps, for example, corporate users will want to be in touch with their developer in case of a problem.

Expertise – A branded app also signifies expertise. While anyone may upload an app on a popular store, no one would spend time and money on an entire website to sell an app. When you do this, you generally come across as an expert who knows his/her work, which contributes to brand equity.

Exclusiveness – Again, depending on your target population, users may want an app that is exclusive than one that is free and available to everyone on an app store. This also depends on the type and nature of your product, so make sure you make the most out of it.


Don’t Sell As A Nobody

Lastly, you don’t have to sell a product that you spent time and effort in as a nobody. Selling your app on your own website means that you will get credit for what you made, which is also a reason why people would want to buy your app and trust it more than apps that have no apparent background. Build a branded app and get the rightful credit for your work!

Tip: There is no price difference between a popular branded and an unheard brand. The question is do you have a brand to it!


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