Mobile Apps For Local Business – Local Offers & Coupons

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Another mobile app which is gaining a huge momentum is the offers and coupons mobile app. Just to an idea, there are 7 Million download for MacDonald coupon apps last quarter of 2015. Wow, that’s 2.3 Million download per month for a coupon app.

So who else is not adopting this trend? How about the big guy like KFC, Wendy’s, don’t they want to compete for customers? Best part is customer data and preference are stored for remarketing, retargeting and re-connecting.

Again we have never seen such a huge success for a coupon app. So the trend is now settling into different industry. I would say now is the time for mobile coupon apps to fly.

Why not 2 to 3 years ago? The reason is because of successful examples are lacking and you need to drive people to move forward.

Another example is LafaLafa. A new start up mobile digital coupons and cashback aggregator. They had gotten the attention of HK based Vectr Ventures to invest in their company. Hey, didn’t you made a coupon app a year ago?

It’s not about how you do it, it’s about how you do it differently.

The game plan to coupon apps,
Step 1: You need to be specific here. Not just throwing coupon from a bunch of shopping malls.
Step 2: Work with high end company to promote their product or services
Step 3: Design an app to remind consumer constantly why the need to check your app at least 3 times per week
Step 4: You can say coupons are updated 3 times daily. Actually you decide how many times people will check your app. Using Facebook app? How often they wish you to check on them? Every second of your life. Lol.
Step 5: Built in notification is a killer. Alert them at the right time. When do you check for sales or discount online? Day or Night? Who is most likely to check for coupons? Male or Female? Sorry no in-between here.

Brainstorm on the target market, get someone (businesses) to try it for free (3 months) and see if their business soar to the sky. Then you can command any price.

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