Mobile Apps For Local Business – Ordering and Booking System

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Let’s take a look today from local business stand point. A ordering and booking app. We can see that recent adoption of ordering and booking app sprout out in many local restaurant and cafes.

Besides, many thanks to our government assisted grant. We started to see robots into the picture now. To design a booking app is simple but to make it to national headlines, you got to squeeze your brain juice harder.

A quick search on the Internet reveal that the most shared article on this topic on Social media is “4 friends create mobile app to book parking spot in KL Malls. Wow, this is a good app to solve daily issue of finding a parking lot.

Many booking apps started to show themselves now for example the movie tickets booking app. I have tried and instead of queuing for 30 minutes to get myself a GV ticket, I can book and collect in less than 5 minutes with the use of this app. Time saved and awesome experience!

We might be a small island, but you can see the adoption rate to ordering and book mobile app have such a big potential. There are many services here. Why didn’t my SPA have a booking app? Why didn’t the salon near my neighborhood have a booking app? Why doesn’t plumbing service guy have a booking app? Why didn’t the aircon guy have a booking app?

The list go on forever. What’s their problem? Don’t they need an app? It’s all about ROI. I put together the model here you can try to get some business locally.

Step 1: Identify the target industry (as niche as possible)
Step 2: Understand their current processes, what their problem is and how mobile app can help them get NEW business.
Step 3: How can mobile app tie with advertisement to market out to the target audience?
Step 4: How much budget are they willing to spend or to test? Per month.
Step 5: How do you report back to your customer on their investment? Measure success is important.
Step 6: Collect testimony.
Step 7: Repeat for the next customer.
If a customer is spending money and getting a return every month, it doesn’t make sense for them to stop using your service.
Design your app
1. Your app should have an intro tab, contact page and their customer reviews (as many as possible)
2. Ordering system is more for restaurants
3. Booking system is for services
4. Email booking or messaging or instant order to be send to the provider
5. Nothing else.

There are many ways such an app could be scaled and when someone started the rest will follow to give their customer a better experience. Promo code, news and special sales can be send to your customer. Saving lots of advertisement dollars. Put into your local context. There is a gold mine here.

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