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Today let’s look at very specific apps, the movie apps. Now it might seems to be nothing new to you. But do you know there is one top of the line movie apps that gotten shared 47,000 times across many social media?
The VISA mobile movie apps. Now you see it. Credit card company would like to encourage their customer to keep on using their cards and movie theater wanted their customer to keep on going back to watch movies.

So the 2 decided to get married. Lol. And a new service is born. Spend on your VISA by booking thru a mobile movie app and receive 2 free tickets every month. Wow, this is powerful stuff. I wish they have it here.

Eventually, more companies would apply this method and partner with Movie Theater to promote their brand and encourage their customer to use their service. Anyway, it’s a win-win for both company.

Such an app usually will have a weekly recommended movie to watch and push notification to movies-goer. Talking about instant booking. They do not need a ticket anymore. Just with the use of a unique QR code, they can check into Movie Theater. No more queueing to collect your tickets.

Best of all, both VISA company and movie theater can collect consumer data. What do they do with it? Well, to better target their customer when launching a new campaign. Haven’t you been wondering hey why do they know I like to watch movie on weekend? Or why Friday night people like to watch horror movies than any other day?

To get to this level of developing apps for big company is not an easy task especially if you’re just a new startup. However, think between the lines. Now VISA is on-board, meaning you could run VISA related ads on your mobile movies apps. You could do a movie review apps and get daily feeds from movie-goers.

Doing some contest would definitely help your apps to get ranked high in the app store. In local context, you can aggregates movie pricing chart, movie new release, recommended movies and film stars interviews (check out YouTube) into your movie apps.

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