Mobile Apps For Local Business – Fast food Restaurants

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My investigation into fast food restaurants apps show that most of the big brand already have an app. So what we can learn from this?

Most fast food chain adopted the trend early and moved into mobile world. Downloading any fast food related apps, you will see that they will display their menu, store locator, hotline (dial at a touch of a button, current promotion and feedbacks.

Most fast food apps required you to register with them to get extra promo code. You can use for you next home delivery. I won’t think it’s of any good idea to do an aggregation apps on this. They are already very niche in their special area.

If you could spot a smaller fast food chain or slow food chain, you might be able to work something out with them to develop an apps. However, not to discount the fact that, with every new fast food chain entering local market, the potential is there.

Look around shopping mall, search the apps store and check if they have a mobile app for online ordering. If you not, try to work out a deal. It might surprise you that how many fast food chain would like to give it a try.

Ways to monetize, get into a service contract for the developed fast food restaurants apps.

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