Mobile Apps For Local Business – Book your Food

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Let’s get to specific food apps here. No, I am not talking about fast food but food as in niche food. For example online booking for your daily salad. Niche food store that deliver nuts and fruits to your house.

These are the area where it’s still lacking in mobile app for local context. While the concept of booking thru and online website is nothing new, mobile booking for food is getting more and more popular thanks to the big guy.

You could leverage on the marketing done by chain restaurant and find a new super niche restaurant to create an app. A booking app would tie down to 2 main part. To book for seats, if consumer prefer to have their meal at the restaurant. If the company provide home delivery service, it would be a general booking app. For both, just add to the package you’re going to create.

When you search in app store, I saw many local food store that does delivery services actually doesn’t have an app. Not sure why they would rather lose the business to their competition. Perhaps, it’s worth investigating to understand their concerns.

Many time, the developed apps was not properly promoted by the store owner and as a smart developer, you should value add your service to include marketing efforts. This ensure good continuity and great feedbacks for your business.

Due to the seasonal changes in menu, you can design a package which include updating menu for the store owner since their number 1 concern is they don’t have time and are not technical at all. Rest assure you send them reports on monthly download, subscribe capture by the apps and how many $ value they get back at the end of the day.

They won’t say no to a profitable business. Would they?

There are resources where you could purchase a booking template for you app out there, just add your creative and you should be able to develop it in no time.

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