Mobile Apps For Local Business – Freelancer Portfolio

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This apps might not be as interesting to you but on building personal credibility, it does.

So you want to be a freelancer and run a business? So who are you exactly? Portfolio apps is not about putting your resume into an app and passing it over to your potential client.

It is about creating an experience for your customer. Imagine customer can see your app on their mobile phone. They could refer you a business without having to search thru their address book. Awesome?

1. Create your portfolio to showcase your work, what project you have done before?
2. Have about me tab. As a person what is your hobby, special skills or group you joined?
3. Customer testimony (most important)
4. Allow your contact information to be easily forwarded
5. Why should they give you the business? Your unique selling point. USP
6. WhatsApp your profile to customer when they request more details (apk or ios)

1. Upload your portfolio onto app store. Meaningless as no one will look up you unless you are Donald Trump..:)
2. Ask your customer to download it via your website
3. Put your personal photo album and link to your Facebook.
4. Brag about work you never did before

Hope you have fun creating your first portfolio apps.

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