Mobile Apps For Local Business – Classified Ads

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I am sure you have use a classified ads apps or at least one such app installed in your mobile phone.

Classified ads app are largely suited for anyone wanting to sell or buy something. We used to go to authority website to buy sell. But now due to diversified channel especially mobile app, everything starts to changed.

Traffic to website get split and sucked into so called new selling platform sites like Qoo10.

Those businesses owning an e-commerce store do not again as much traffic as those running a platform.

Example of successful classified ads app like Gumtree. There are all the classified categories in it. I would suggest if you are thinking to setup such a huge site on mobile, you need to have the actual website first. This is no one man could easily accomplished.

If you run a lean company, i.e one man show, do only go after niche classified apps.

In local context, you could think of something like a classified ads only focus on 2nd hand mobile phone.
Allow app user to search by seller, shop name, brand and price range. Will be very much like an affiliate model, you get paid a commission when you send someone to the shop. A transaction took place, you get a small cash token.

User reviews must be given to get social proof. Or you could charge a low listing fee.

Classified ads app are still very much in demand. But the upfront time investment could be huge. Do your sum before you embark on such projects?

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