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Mobile phones have always had a way to keep track of your phone calls and text messages to some extent. In fact that was one of the key advantages of these phones when they started: the ability to display who was calling you and to keep a history of recent calls.

As awesome as this sounded in the beginning, what a smartphone can do today far exceeds these capabilities, letting you use the phone to do things you could not have imagined just a few years ago. Among the hundreds of thousands of things Android apps let you do today, a good few let you keep track of virtually any aspect of your life.

From keeping track of virtually limitless incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, to maintaining a gym workout diary and managing your finances and health. The possibilities are endless. In this roundup, let’s look at a whole bunch of apps to do just that — and more. Phonalyzr (Free).

If you have ever wanted a deeper insight into your calling and texting habits, Phonalyzr is for you. It uses the phone and SMS logs from your phone and generates usage summaries and graphs to show you precisely how you are using your phone.

Call Meter NG (Free). Not everyone uses an unlimited calling and texting plan, which means for a lot of us, it is important to know how we are doing with the number of minutes we talk, text messages we send or the amount of data we use. Call Meter NG does just that.

The app tells you how you are doing with the monthly limits on your plan.With just about every carrier moving away from unlimited data plans, this is a good time to start being worried about having to pay those enormous overage charges that come with exceeding your bandwidth limit.

3G Watchdog Pro keeps a tab on your data usage and can even predict how quickly you are going to run out, so that you can take action accordingly.

My Data Manager is another way to keep track of the data usage on your phone, but it goes a bit deeper to understand where and how you are using your data, and provides a visually richer analysis. It can break down the data usage across apps or segregate it between your own network and roaming access.

If recording all your calls and going back to review them later is your thing, Record My Call is for you. It simply records everything that goes through the microphone though, which means you need to put the phone on speakerphone mode to be able to record the voice from the other side.

Health Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro (Dkr22.00) Consider this as your all-in-one tracking app for all kinds of outdoor sports. With real time GPS tracking for time, distance, speed and calories burnt, this app provides you all the information you need to analyze your running, cycling, skiing or whatever else you do to keep fit on the move.

So now your life have become so digital that everything can be tracked easily. Think in local context what you do could help solve an issue to save time.

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