Mobile Apps For Lifestyle – Closing down app?

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Today I would like to look into the issue of this famous app, EverNote. It would not be an unfamiliar app to many people.

Lifestyle products such as wallets, backpacks, and notebooks are a part of people’s everyday lives. Imagine those types of things being used on a mobile device. In today’s society, the most popular lifestyle product used on a mobile app is the “note-taking app.”

“Evernote” created this type of feature for people to use. However, things did not go as expected within their company as sales begin to drop with their special lifestyle mobile apps. Although they have had to shut down this past February 2016, they will still continue to market their stylus, notebooks, and scanners.

Instead of mobile apps, these products will be physical products instead of digital. Although they cannot confirm the exact reason why Evernote had to shut down, one indicator is that it costs more to run the apps than they were originally making. In other words, they were not making an adequate profit from the apps.

Which is understandable, but that does not mean that the apps were useless. As a result, Evernote is now focusing on perfecting and building up the Evernote experiences for future references. In the meantime, they have laid-off more than 13 percent of their employees for the second time in one year.
Evernote has basically pinpointed which apps were successful and which were not. They decided to terminate their browser extension, The Pebble’s smartwatch app, and the Skitch annotation app. The support for these products were terminated due to being less-used. With that being said, as of January 22, 2016, people will no longer be able to download any of those features from Evernote.

However, if you already have the apps installed, they will still be able to use but the support for the apps will no longer be available. Meanwhile, most of the Skitch function can still be seen and used in the primary Evernote app.

As for the Pebble’s smartwatch app, users are being given an alternative of the use of that particular app, which is called “Powernoter.” This app is in an attempt to make Evernote better. Evernote plans to make it all better in 2016.
In addition to that, they plan to change CEO’s and layoffs of fellow employees. They are actually in the process of using feedback from customers in order to develop better quality apps within the Evernote company. Their reason for using feedback from their customers is simply to rule out the disappointed customers.

Following a mass amount of complaint, the CEO decided to step down. As a replacement CEO, Evernote decided to hire a Google Glass executive. This new CEO will be focusing on building an adequate sales team and going public with the company. They will be aiming for mostly revenue and user growth. At this point, the stakes for the company are extremely high.

As part of the reconstructing process, they have had to lay off about 5 % more of their employees this year. Their distinct mission will be to help people feel smarter and more productive. Let’s hope this app continue to innovate to bring us more surprises in the near future. I love Evernote.

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