Mobile Apps For Lifestyle – How to

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I used to wake up to a buzzing alarm, shower, pack my back pack for the day, grab my Walkman and a couple cassette tapes as I headed out the door. Today, I still shower the same, but everything else is different.

Thanks to the 25 billion downloadable apps, I am able to use my smart phone or iPad to leave that back pack stored away with my hiking gear. There is an app that replaces pens and paper for my daily meetings, Pandora is all I need to play my favorite tunes all day and no more obnoxious buzzing alarm.

I wake up to the soothing sound of chimes which coax me out of bed vs startling me out of bed. Catch me on my bus ride into work and you’ll find me playing Words with Friends or Angry Birds. On my way home I often use the transportation app to check the bus schedule in case I am running late at work or decide to join friends for happy hour.

And speaking of happy hour, there’s an app for finding the best happy hours around me and what they are offering as well as parking availability. Find me running errands on the weekend with my Waze set to “on” as I drive. It alerts me as to whether there are any police near me, which is a reminder to keep it at the speed limit. Grocery shopping? Thanks to apps, some of the stores I shop at have an app that allows me to shop at home and set a time to pick up the already packed up items.

Or, if you’re running short on time, there is an app for “shoppers” who will do it for you. On weekends that I leave for out of town my dog no longer has to endure the time caged up at the local kennel. Instead, there’s an app that has local people who do pet sitting in their own homes or come to you.

Pet treats included! I find myself actually using my phone less for having person to person conversations, but when I do get a call, ironically I use a ringtone from an app that offers “nostalgic ringtones” It’s comforting to know that should I find myself out of work, there are apps to help me on how to do a job search ranging from resume writing to actual job postings.

Maintaining my current job is made easy by educational apps having to do with technology and my industry networking opportunities. There’s a simplicity that has come with the technology that is irresistible. No more hoofing around town to gather the information needed for a project.

No more wasted time and money spent at restaurants that don’t offer what you enjoy. You’d rather eat at home? Here’s an app for online chefs who teach you how to cook or cook for you. From morning to night time, I love my apps and just think, my favorite app may not even be created!

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