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On my Vacation, my mobile vacation apps help me a lot. Let me share few things here, just for your knowledge. Though in vacation I usually, see my personal mails ( Gmail app ),official mails ( Aqua Mail ) and so. The Camera App Helps me to take photos of nature, the unseen moments, Highlights.
The Video recording app and Voice recording apps helps me to record the joyful moments and my sweet memories. Which not only records the Past it gives present happiness by viewing the past memories. Even I can share the moment of joy with my friends and relatives through the apps WhatsApp, Facebook, Picasa, drop box, google drive and so.

Have fun with games like Rummy circle, ninja, angry birds, Rio and so. I never worry on paying my bills, the bills reminder app remains me to pay the bills. I use to pay my Credit card bills instant. My mobile and landline service providers’ app (Airtel, Vodafone and Portal BSNL) helps me to pay my bills through the apps.

In Case of emergency funds needed or to transfer, funds to my wanted. we have the Bankers app ( ICICI, Axis, IDBI, Citibank ).In Case of Medical help needed Health Kart App helps me. The suggested travel app is Google Maps and Navigation. It provides me the multiple routes to my destination. The Media App NexGTV provides me the set of channels into my mobile.

This is very easy in my travel. The News Apps like Daily hunt helps me to know any scientific inventions, any natural calamities, artificial damages, remedies, fear of war, ill, diseases, accidents, Preventions from flood, storm, Tsunami etc. can be immediately updated and to know the latest update of news.
The chrome, Opera like browser apps helps me to browse the websites we want anywhere. During my travel and stay in hotels like the yatra app, redbus app and hipmunk app helps me to do the favor.

If my vacation is on a foreign country and it’s a different language. Google translate app helps me to translate the same. If my vacation, I travel through my car the Car app helps me to know the mileage, fuel stations available nearby, Air pressure fixing intervals, maintenance or service durations.

The needed apps are the bank and the ATM locator which helps me to locate the banker and the ATMs for the need of fund or fund transfer. Find friends apps helps me to find the friends nearby my location and get connected with them at the time of joy or at the time of tragedy.

I love keep exercising daily morning. The Calories burning apps helps me to suggest the calories I burn even during the vacation too and keeps me updated. I use the app four square to plan my trip before going vacation, by entering your location and browsing categories such as Arts & Entertainment.
I can fire up the app when you’re on the ground at your destination to see what is hot close by. I use this app weather bug elite to know the current weather conditions of the yet to travel places and keep me updating and forecast myself planning the situations of travel and stay etc.

The Day recorder Pro app records your journey with photos, voice recording and GPS. It captures events that happen around you and your moving route. The recorded data can then be played on your phone’s screen. You can also download it from your PC and replay it on your favorite web browser. So use mobile apps which helps as a mother, father, sister, brother like during some occasions of fun and tragedy.

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