Mobile Ready Website: Are You Getting Your Website Ready For Mobile?

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As we all already know the news is out again from Google, you need to make your website to be mobile ready by May as Google is trying to boost mobile-friendly algorithm. In fact it was just last year, Google announced Mobile Friendly Update and took 1 week to push out their algorithm. It wasn’t directly reported on the numbers of how many traditional non mobile ready website will be hit.

But we all those, this is due to user demand increased over the years on mobile browsing and transactions. How will this impact the average SMEs? Probably they won’t even heard of this. However, I would like to highlight some of the direct impact that could happen here.


#1. Lost of Search Ranking – Competitors website who are mobile ready will rank above them. Many would even fall off the first page of the Google search ended up a few page down the road.

#2. Customer can’t find you – Well, they saying is If I can’t find you on the first page, you’re out of the business. Customer search alot and if you don’t hang on to your page 1, your competition will. If a business cannot be found, there wouldn’t be any. So to speak.

#3. Mobile friendliness is in trend – Everyone have at least one mobile phone, the mobile phone user would prefer to visit a website that is nicely layout in mobile than one which he/she need to keep scrolling to get information.

#4. Speed – Here’s the killer… Mobile Ready website tend to load much faster as it’s customised to fit the user experience.

#5. Fast to fix – The good news here is that you could get if fix fast. And there is 100% no downtime to your actual website and you get to keep your ranking on Google.


Well, you could do a test on your website to see if it’s mobile friendly here.


The latest news was released by Google Official Blog on 16 March 2016, once again they are continuing to make the web more mobile friendly. Apart from these all major websites like  and have given their viewpoint on this issue.

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