Getting Trained in Mobile App Development


gamesaladBack in late year 2012, I have decided to go into Mobile app development. As there are many courses available, I decided to do my research around and found the LEAPP a credible company to begin my journey to mobile app making.

Therefore, I signed up and paid for this 2 weekends course. Understanding the full process on mobile app development helped alot into knowing what are the preparation steps that are required to be taken. I could still remember using my first mobile smartphone. Those apps looks so cool and fire up when ever I one click on them. Technology had advanced and long gone to my first Nokia 3210 mobile phone.

Coming back to the course itself,  I have learned 2 main application back then, GAMESalad and AppMakr. My personal review on both applications are as followed.

For GameSalad, you need to understand objects and how to built your cast. It’s more like you’re the director of the show. You need to think of every scene and how your characters will interact with one another. For a non-programmer, it would be very difficult to understand consider the fact it’s easy to use those ready build in function. No coding required. YES, you hear me correctly no coding. However, you need to be a logical person.

Each step your character do must be logical and all the work required to create, test, edit, retest, finding graphics, perhaps even to hire someone to draw the characters you need is a long and laborious process. My first decision is to drop the game making side and if I do want a game, I could outsource someone to do it at a relatively cheap price.

Next, AppMakr is a simple application installer that could run on both Mac & PC. You can design your application flow using buttons and all layout can be tested instantly via a mock up phone screen on your right. It’s fairly interesting to see how to build an app from scratch and testing it. Although both software are build for different purpose, the basics remain the same. You got to understand Workflow. To sum up here, just like any programming languages you need to practise it everyday to reach a certain level of perfection.

My review for Hua Koon course is that he is a very passionate person (not forgetting he is the original maker of the world famous PC game – Solitaire) and willing to help student to get their hands onto first experience into publishing an app to the app store.

For first time learner to mobile app, you need to consider the following.

#1 – Is this going to be a business or just hobby for you?

#2 – Are you a patience person (App development from design to live is a process usually not just a few days)

#3 – Scalability – Can you scale it to next level? If not, why do you want to do app development?

#4 – Initial cost – No, not talking about the course fee but the cost you need to put in to develop an app or a game. Developer license for Google Play ($25 USD one time), for Apple Itune ($97 USD yearly), this exclude all cost on graphics, storage, add-on, etc.

#5 – Making money with app? – What are they way you can sell more apps or marketing funnel do you have? No, developers are not making money from selling you a 0.99 USD app or game. It’s the backend that make them the money.

Have a good game plan before you embark into this journey.

P.S: This course does inspired me to setup my own mobile apps development company – APPNEWS Network.

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