Mobile Apps For Education – Easy tips & tricks to study

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Let’s have a look into the next apps which is the tips and tricks study apps. Most students do not know how to study effectively and nowadays by studying hard might not be the correct way to go.

Most teenagers or students like to study last minute for their test or quiz. You can design an app base on a subject by means of questions they need to answer. Or check boxes they need to check and test their knowledge on a particular topic or subjects. At the end of a quiz there should be a score chart to let them know how they score.

Study tips could also be delivery to them daily to remind them how to study effectively. How to consume and process information. At current, those study tips apps out there which charge a fee have interactive mode build in. You can design visual or audio aid to help students to better remember their facts.

There is also a note taker build into the app plus subject homework reminder. Introduce a framework to student if you are a trainer to self-study. Give live example and get student testimony to say how effective your method is.

You can also built in a how to prepare for your exam tip into your apps where they need to pay to get this module. Some study tip apps also built in time management tips and self-control tips module to get student to be aware of such skills. As each skill is supposed to complement with each other.

Coming back to local context, the education syllabus can be obtained from the Ministry of Education website. Your target audience can be tuition center or freelance tuition teachers. They would very much want to get their student to do their homework and monitor their progress. This could be designed into modules and tracked.

Only completed homework gets to unlock the next level or fully understood knowledge get you to the next level. This way progress can be tracked. And even reports can be generated for their parent to look into area which they are weak in.

Most of the common way is in-apps advertisement. In this case, I would suggest get parent to purchasing it as a module to complementary to face to face education or tuition I am sure the student would love it. Give something additional only can be found in the apps and not on textbooks to make it a success.

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