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In the last 3 or 4 year our educational system is changing on behalf of class room to mobile app, there are many mobile app are currently available in market that are providing better education from mobile app. A child, Age of around 4 years, they can easily learn from an educational app. Because it’s a human nature that, “we learn anything from a visual things”.

Well, there are thousands of mobile app on education. But the brain teasers mobile app are absolutely batter than other education mobile app, for example 150+ brain teasers app. This App has a collection of my many most interesting and mind-improving brain teasers. And also have many of the answers should give you a strategy for thinking, which will carry over to many other problems and provide you with thinking and problem-solving methods. There is no time limit for these questions (with exceptions as noted).

But be aware that there may be more than one way to arrive at an answer to a question. Just remember, a person who can solve problems efficiently either knows a particular strategy for the type of problem or extract something from the problem that is curious to him or her and that leads to the next step toward a solution.

There are some Tips for Application will first show the Brain Teasers (problem) only. Take your time to solve the problem by yourself after that you can click on Answer button to see the actual answer. Educational mobile app are changing way to learn of education. Mobile learning app are the future of the education. They can change our education.

Mobile learning apps are extremely helpful in certain situations, for example, when you need to check a fact or consume small amounts of information at a given time. About three in four (74%) teens aged 12-17 say they access the internet on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

However, if one were to choose between a computer and a mobile phone for researching a subject in depth, mobile learning probably wouldn’t be your best option. The important thing is, therefore, to use the appropriate means at the right time to optimize the way in which you learn.

It’s no surprise to hear that the US tablet market in schools soared by 103% in 2013 and those figures don’t look like they are slowing down. With the ever-growing rate of smartphone and tablet use amongst students, we decided it was important that we developed our very own ExamTime mobile learning app.

The ExamTime app will be launching soon for iOS and Android. We have had many requests from current users for the app and we are delighted that it will be available soon. The app will allow users to view their resources and study anywhere from a mobile, cell phone or tablet. The ExamTime mobile learning app will be the perfect complement to our original web application. will remain your go-to area for creating your study resources while the app will allow you access them on the move and before big exams.

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