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When did you have your first dictionary? Let’s investigate into niche dictionaries apps. A quick look into the app store revealed that most of the apps published related to niche dictionaries are very limited.

Most of the dictionaries apps are just from one country native language to English. Well, since English is an international language. However, such apps are very low in demand due to language is not as easy to master without understanding the basics, culture and meaning. Most importantly, language need to be spoken and use daily in order to reach level of proper communication.

When you wanted to start a niche dictionary you need to be an expert in the subject matter. This will allow you to quickly put together and research in depth. For example, terms related to IT can be compiled into a dictionary, even IT itself is a big topic like networking, helpdesk, programming. All these could be turned into dictionary. Especially for someone new into the industry, it does go handy.

Another idea which can be further explore into are hobbies. Is there a fish related dictionary, dog related dictionary or golf related dictionary? See, there are many missing dictionary missing yet no one have the idea of creating them.

Most of the language dictionaries are free download apps. Only a handful of apps you need to pay for it at an extremely small fee.

Most monetization model are again in-app advertisement or paid full version without in-app advertisement.

The main benefit for your dictionaries app is to help the user to quickly understand the meaning to those jargons. Most of the app users would like to improve their knowledge with the use of dictionary app. To get your app user to be reminded to use your app every day, you need to add in a daily notification to give them a reminder or meaning to a piece snippet.

To conclude, you can explore first on the web what are the available dictionaries websites and turn it into your first dictionary apps.

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