Mobile Apps For Education – Tertiary Education Advice

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Today I am investigating into the tertiary education advice apps. There seems to be little or just a handful of such apps in the app store. I have limit the scope or my target audience to colleague student entering university study.

Most student have no idea on which school they should choose or simply just follow what their parents or friends have suggested to them. Rarely much investigation or advice is given. Well, the most is they could attend education fair or seminar offline. University are slowly understanding they also need to do some form of marketing. Even it’s a well-known school.

The best Advice University could give it to get their students to share their experiences. When designing an education advice apps, there are constraints which need to be taken into consideration. First, check if there is already an app developed for it? Is the ministry having certain concern on any issue which is not to be published?

First stop is to check the websites of those University. My assumption is all university should have a website by default. 2 ways you can do this education advice apps. Do it for specific school. This would be an in-house project. No need to distribute it on app store. Limited and non-scalable.

Next, do it as a collective of university. Provide a communication channel to allow new students or student going into the university to ask questions. Current students or teachers can help to reply.

Tips to navigating around the schools, which activities to join or which subjects to major into would be great topics. Show case activities and photos to encourage other students to share their experiences. Moderators should also be factor into this where contents should be monitored.

Ways to monetize from this education advice apps, you can built in-app advertisement for apps published in App store. Do banner ads for student loans, laptops, stationery, textbooks and many more you could think of.

The main reason for tertiary education advice apps is all teenagers should have a mobile phone. They no longer trust their parent advice more than their friends. Applying this to local context, local university could do a similar apps but with built in accessibility to the school dashboard. Allowing students to feedback and read about comment on all areas of their schools. From environment, best food stall, subjects tips to past student projects and exam results over the past 10 years.

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