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Today I am going to investigate into the Parenting Tips mobile apps. Most busy parents do not have much time to spend with their kids and yet deep down wanted to do something. They wanted their child or kids love in return. However, they ran out of ideas to surprise their children of simply too busy to think.

So we identify a problem here. How to go about solving this issue? Trust me no matter how the world have change this is going to be the problem 50 years from now. A quick research show that there are over 100,000 share on Facebook for a single article for parenting tips (“Entitled kids? These parenting tips can change behavior”). Wow, that’s a lot. How about adding them to your subscriber list?

Understanding your target market is crucial, as our research showed that most parents are on Facebook. Next you need to gather content, tips, videos and even interviewing parenting experts. This can be compiled for leverage later. I can explain in awhile.

The game plan to parenting tips app. Plan you content structure. Some developer will open the first 30 tips free and up access the next 250 tips the user need to do in-app purchase. This is silly! Give it away free, get your subscriber to trust you as an experts. There is no use getting people to download your apps and deleting it after 50 tips is up. Silly!

What I will do it to tell my parenting tips apps user, they have to continue to use my app because I am adding new parenting tips, expert interviews and special discount code for them every month. Will you say No to better parenting, great saving and speaking like an expert? Now I have a better selling point than you.

Ways to monetize from your apps, once you have a few thousand targeted audience downloading and using your apps. Start to add your in-app advertisement, while you interviewed a few experts, you can work on a webinars with them. Ask your subscriber to pay a small fee to join. Remember its valuable advice from the top experts in parenting. No B.S! Saving them ton of time to research on a topic.

Ask the experts simply during the webinar. Ask the expert to recommend their own products (best to look for someone with a product or a course). You can get a commission as well through this. So both the expert and you win.

For local context, you can host it offline and there isn’t a lot of big scale parenting talk. But you can host a 100 to 300 person talk. Parenting tips never go out of fashion.
So, start your research and journey to your first parenting tips apps.

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