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Over the course of 2 weeks, I am going to investigate into small niche market tips apps. As we know the main benefits of small niche apps is to deliver knowledge to solve an immediate issue.

I would suggest if you’re new to app design or wanted to create one mobile app to impress someone, to go with this type of apps. I highlighted 4 important steps to be taken to create a successful apps.
Step 1: Research into the subject matter. Best if you’re already an expert in this topic. For example dating tips and tricks. You need to compile all information which are effective, informative and easy to understand.
Step 2: Plan you content layout. This would include a content page and right to the point when you deliver this information. Remember you are solving an issue. Do not give a long story. Just tell your user how to do it and when to do it. This includes planning your paid chapters and special bonus videos. Of course, for free download you can monetize through in-app advertisement.
Step 3: Development of your apps. Decide how you’re going to do it. There are 101 ways to skin a cat. Most preferred way for beginner without any programming or developer knowledge, you might want to use a mobile template. This will speed you development time and allow multiple platforms to be publish without recoding.
Step 4: Marketing. Yes, this is the most ignored step. Many great apps was buried deep inside app stores due to the lack of marketing plan. You got to plan where to market it to your target audience. Which keywords are you targeting and how to get your first few reviews. This is extremely important.

Apps review can be gather first from family members, friends and even your neighbor. Yes, you’re excited that your first app was approved and live. Every mobile phone in the world would be able to download your apps. Wow! This is history in the making. But the fact is, if you do not have a plan to market your apps, very soon, you can lose momentum.

Pre-marketing plan before your actual app ‘launch’ must be in place. Leverage on social media. Make an announcement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all on the same day. Stir some views on Youtube and why should people download your apps. Tell them the benefits and what they can look forward to solve their problem in 1 minute after downloading your apps.

Apply this into local context. How about creating a tip apps on how to sell or buy your first private property? Be sure property agents would be interested to do some partnership with you. First time buy of ‘X’. Fill it with your small niche market tips.

Level: Beginner

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