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Today we are going to take a look into a subset of the previous day mobile apps. That’s the subject to game apps. How I wish during my time there is such an app.

If you do a search on the apps store, it’s easy to find many apps related to the subject of mathematics games. With many new subjects introduced to our children, it’s not possible for all children to master them easily. Especially for hard subjects, it would be best to make it look fun. What’s more fun than to turn it into a game app.

Here are the top list of subject children finding it difficult. (Not surprising at all)
1. Math
2. Coding
3. Chemistry
4. Geography
5. Sciences
6. Languages
7. Space
8. Engineering
9. Speed reading

Subject game apps can be design to be free for Grade 1 and moving on to Grade 2 and beyond, they need to purchase the full apps. This is a good module as children progress they will continue to use you subject apps to help them improve their learning.

Each game apps can also email their parent directly on their scores. Well in this way, you gotten the parent email address which is a list you are building. I would think this is an ingenious way to collect a targeted list.

In fact, most subject apps are collecting a list of parent’s email. Download a few from the apps store and try it. First you will be asked to register for an account. Then they will email you the child progress to you, and if you are happy with the apps, you can purchase additional module to help your child. Cool!

Local context, this target very much student who are weak in a particular subject. They could be very weak in the subject but love to play games. All kids love to play games correct? 99%. This type of apps can go a long way given the correct marketing and user interaction. Choose the subject in demand by doing a on the ground survey

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