Appnews Network is founded with the growing demand of local companies seeking ways to grow their sales funnel. We have over 10 years experience doing online website optimization, search engine ranking and social media marketing.

Our team of expertise are from International arena. From over 100+ testimonies review of our services, you can be assured of high quality work delivered.

Some of our services are as follow:

  1. Profitable search terms (keywords) and competition data analysis ( Translate: You will need this at least to know where to start marketing to target audience)
  2. Rank your Website for Keywords on Page 1 of Google search engine in Just 10-15 Days (Translate: Your customer can find you now, more business = more profit)
  3. Backlink adding to your website to over 1000+ high pagerank websites (Translate to ranking higher on search engine)
  4. Hosting and domain name selection services (Translate to no need to hire webmaster to maintain your website, just leave it to the experts)
  5. Setting up of e-commerce site (Translate: Reaching out to the world market to sell your products/services)
  6. Mobile app integration to existing website (Translate: Reaching out to the millennium generation, promote brand and create brand awareness)
  7. Traffic Generation to your website with monthly report on the source that give the most traffic (Translate: Focus your campaign on top 20% of the traffic to save 80% of marketing budget)

Have a question? Use our contact us form and reach us. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

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