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The time now is 3:33 AM. I was sleeping soundly and awaken by both the bright light and "ka-ching" sound again. I am saying in my head: Wtf.. I forgot to turn my phone to slient mode. It was another sale coming from my online store. Reluctantly, I got up and before I could switch it to silent mode, another sales just came by. Subconsciously it put a smile on my face and I went to bed again.

As a matter of fact, it wasn't like this 12 months ago...until I stumble across this online based business system that I am pretty skeptical about it initially. Finally after some considerations, I decided to give it a try with a bit of reluctant. Well basically no harm trying because you will never know if you don't try and willing to give it a chance. Agree?

Frankly speaking, I have been searching for a solution to put together a complete business system and unfortunately I failed so many times till to the point that I really tempted to give up for good. However I was fortunate enough to cross path with several mentors along my journey and each unique experience with my mentor had brought me to the next level of success. I have learned so much from them and the knowledge I obtained is very helpful for both of my personal and business growth. I am extremely grateful for their existence and endless support.

To be completely honest, I would never imagine:

  • owning a 6-figure business and living a life that I desired on my own term
  • to be able to travel and work anyitme anywhere with just a laptop and internet connection
  • to be able spend more quality time with family especially able to be fully present and watch my kids grow up
  • and finally able to achieve financial freedom and able to do what I love doing all this while


Have you ever experience the following difficulties?

  • tried many promising business models and yet failed miserably
  • wanting someone to guide you step-by-step to set up a proven business model (but none of the help is really helpful)
  • a deep sense of desire to succeed in life but there is always something holding you back from stepping out of your comfort zone
  • working super long hours on your business without spending much time with your kids and other family members
  • holding onto inventory with high warehouse fee incurring montlhy and worst, not knowing when your stock will sell off


How would you like to overcome all these challenges? Have you ever thought of it?



Digital Entrepreneur Mastery (DEM) Program


A complete done-for-you automated business system with a proven track record. I am using this proven system everyday and profiting. There is no complicated software you need to learn. In fact, if you know how to use Microsoft Words and email you can own this system. Now you can have a full business system to start helping you generate a side income for your desired lifestyle.


3 Simple Steps Formula That Help You:


1) source for hot products that people want to buy

2) put it in front of a hungry crowd

3) put the right people into the business that put you out to focus on strategizing your business

And that is. No complex programming language you need to learn nor cold calling prospect. Easy and simple to get started.

Did I get you excited yet?

Read on.

Why You Should Learn From Me

First let me introduce myself. I am Adwin Ang from Singapore. Yes, I am Singaporean. I was an IT trained professional and worked for a couple of MNC that decided to look for new business opportunity. I have failed many times an affiliate marketer, network marketer, self employed web developer, sales manager and mobile apps developer. I have try starting a couple of niche store but failed miserablely. I decided not to give up and went into drop shipping. After searching for the right mentors to coach me, I finally settled down with this busines model which allowed me to put together my experiences and complete automation. Today I can say to anyone I owned a self driven business.

Along with my quest to financial freedom, I have accumlated 15 years of experience towards online selling, marketing and was featured on national newpaper on my first cufflinks website. I am also an author for a couple of books like "How to Avoid 10 Deadly Common Mistakes Made By eBay Drop Shipper", "App Flipping: Amazing App Flipping Tactics that Work". 

My passion towards online selling and helping others to succeed would amaze you. As a certified selling expert on eBay and online education coach (on Skillshare.com over 9000+ students, over 60+ classes), you will be sure to learn from my invaluable experiences towards creating an online income. 

 And I am an active Quora expert writer as well on topic like ecommerce and drop shipping.

I should not dwell on too much on my achievement. Ask my students if you must. :)

What My Students Say

I started drop shipping in April 2017, and I learned through online courses. I did made some sales, however the sales were very inconsistent and profit is quite low ranging around $0.50-$1.50. I was so lost and desperate for real result. My turning point is when I begin my mentorship with Adwin and indeed I managed to make consistent sales with profit over $5 per item. And my STR (sell thru rate) improved tremendously from 6% to 25% in just merely 2 months. I was very impressed and happy with my progress and result. I don’t think I would be able to achieve such consistent result without the help of my mentor. A big thank you to my mentor!
- Kenneth Chua

Being a total newbie to drop shipping, it definitely helps to have a mentor that is knowledgeable in that particular area. And what separates a great mentor from a mediocre one? A truly great mentor is someone who is genuinely concern about your progress and success. This is exactly how Adwin has supported me in my journey on eBay dropshipping. Thanks Adwin!
-Cherie Yeow

I only started to do drop shipping seriously on 3rd October 2017. It’s a pretty good start for a newbie like me to have 7 sales the moment I started my mentorship with Adwin. He showed me that he is a result-based mentor. I aim to improve my sales in the next few months and increase my profit margin with my mentor’s help. I even planned to quit my current employment very soon and focus on drop shipping on full time basis. My mentor, Adwin make it possible for me to achieve my ultimate dream and live the lifestyle I desired.
-Angie Ang

"Stop wasting your time and money on useless online money making courses"

Learn the big picture to own your business online.

Many says there is no shortcut to succerss. But I would like to challenge you to let me help you shortcut by as much as 6 months to reach your goals.

With my proven business income generating system you will:

  • Know where to source products for lowest price
  • Live experience to walk you through a proper sourcing experience (we don't ask you to walk around to shop)
  • Add new suppliers to your existing product range
  • Start a completely new online business with zero experience in under 7 days
  • Direct contact to me and my close group of successful student for lifetime (let us support your journey)
  • Use little startup cost to run and scale your business online
  • Spend little time daily running your online business with the use of software
  • Choose what time and where you want to work once you have this business running
  • Get on-going support to answer all chanllenges you meet
  • Be provided with a trained virtual assistant* after 6 months into this business (I am committed to your success)
  • Be able to sell either locally or globally depending on your appetite
  • Be able to know if the product you're selling are in trend or not
  • Not be needing a warehouse to store your products
  • Not be needing to hire any staff locally
  • Travel and earn money at the same time just with a mobile phone (I don't even need you to use a laptop)

    On top of the above, we will be doing a field trip* together in China where we spend 5 days sourcing for products. More details will be released to only qualified attendees.

I am so committed to your success that I have spent so much time and effort building this program just for you. We only want to help those who are seriously interested to built an online business with proven result.

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Special Note : We are only looking for 35 individuals to work with and help you to achieve your desired results. Once the counter expired, you will have to wait for the next quarter intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's included in this program?

  • 1x Sourcing Trip to China (details will be released to attendee only)
  • 1x Sourcing Kit (to be used during China trip)
  • Comprehensive support on set up and running the business for the period of 6 months
  • 2 Full Day live group coaching sessions on the 1st month (only held in Singapore)
  • Monthly live group coaching session from 2nd month onwards till 6th month
  • Lifetime access to our private Facebook support group
  • 1x trained Virtual Assistant to help you automate your tedious daily business operation
  • Personalized online Skype support (once a month)
  • Full access to our course material which we update periodically
  • Whatsapp group support


2. What's NOT included in this program?

  • Return air-ticket to China
  • On-going subscription fee to several softwares that is required for this business model
  • Virtual Assistant's monthly salary
  • China Visa if your passport require one
  • Product sourcing money during China trip


3. Who can join this program?

  • Only for participant who is based in Singapore


4. If my spouse or friend is interested to join the China trip, can I bring him/her along?

  • Subjected to approval and additional costs.


5. How do I make payment for this program?

  • Cash, cheques or bank transfer only. However we do not accept Paypal or Credit Card.


6. What's your refund policy?

  • Partial refund is applicable after deducting China trip costs. Take note that we do not cover items stated in point 2 as it is not included in the program.

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